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The way of teaching in individual lessons depends on the age, affinities, expectations and personality of each student. For children's lessons, Maria Palatine takes into account the values ​​of Rudolf Steiner's pedagogy. All our teachers speak several languages.

Diversity of styles

By having several teachers who teach at the Harp Center Brussels, we offer different approaches and a wide variety of styles ranging from classical and Celtic to jazz, improvisation and composition. Our first interest is to explore all the means of expression of the harp and at the same time give a solid technical basis.

Music theory

Learning music theory is organically integrated into harp lessons. Our method is inspired by the educational system used in German academies.

Multidisciplinary approach

As the Harp Center Brussels welcomes other artistic disciplines such as theater, singing, cinema, we favor a multidisciplinary approach which is expressed in end-of-year concerts by performances which go beyond music. Through these concerts in a warm atmosphere, the students learn the practice of the stage.

Group lessons

During each school year there is the possibility of taking a few group lessons, often to work on a specific theme such as improvisation.


For the technique we work with several methods (Zingel, Zabel, Grossi, ..)
Often we develop the exercises based on the technical challenges that appear in the songs.
For beginners we work with several schools in parallel: "La harpe d'or" by Dominique Bouchaud, "First Harp Book" by Betty Paret, among others, alternating with Celtic pieces and small classical pieces. For the advenced we approach the classical and Celtic repertoire of the harp, also favoring improvisation if it is the wish of the student. Possibility of preparation for auditions and entrance exams to the conservatory.

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